REACH: Medical School

What Is REACH: Medical School Mentoring?

REACH is a mentoring initiative, pairing aspiring medical students with medical students or doctors. Mentees are assigned a mentor who is able to offer advice through email contact and video calls using Zoom.

We try our best to match mentees to a mentor at one of the universities they are applying to so they can give more tailored advice.

Who Can Apply To Get A Mentor?

For the 2020/21 applicant cycle, the scheme will be open for POSTGRADUATES ONLY and therefore over the age of 18 only.

Who Can Apply To Be A Mentor?

Any UK current medical student or prospective medical student with an unconditional offer for September 2020 but graduate entrant medical students are preferred.

Is There A Cost?

No! It’s absolutely free!

What Will Having A Mentor Mean For Me?

A mentor will be someone to answer any questions you have about the application process or Medicine in general. They will be to offer advice on your personal statement (please note they will not write it for you), admissions tests and help you with interview preparation. Please note it is down to the individual mentor to decide on what they can help you with. How your mentor and you communicate and how often you do will be up for you both to decide.

What Will My Role As A Mentor Entail?

The role of a mentor will be to act as someone to guide an aspiring medical student through the somewhat stressful process of applying to medicine. It is down to you on what you can help the student with depending on how much time you have. I suggest mentors help with answering questions mentees have, reading their personal statement and offering advice on it, tips for the admissions test and helping with interview preparation such as mock interviews. How your mentor and you communicate and how often you do will be up for you both to decide.

How Will Mentors Be Matched To Mentees?

Where possible, mentees will be matched to a mentor at one of the universities they are applying to.

How Quickly And How Will I Find Out Who My Mentor/Mentee Is?

We will endeavour to match you to a mentor/mentee as soon as possible. We have seen a very high demand recently but hope to match everyone within 2 weeks. You will be told who your mentor/mentee is by email and given their email to communicate with them initially.

Is There A Deadline To Apply To Be A Mentor/Mentee?

The deadline is 30th August 2020.

How Long Will The Mentor Scheme Last?

It will last throughout the duration of the medicine application process. If you decide to remain in contact afterwards that is your choice (but I do hope you may become friends and this will be the case!).

How Will My Details Be Stored?

Your personal data will be stored on google drive for the duration of the mentor programme. It will not be kept longer than necessary.

This All Sounds Great, How Do I Sign Up?

Please sign up to be a mentor here: SIGN UP MENTOR

Please sign up to request a mentor here (i.e. for those applying to study medicine): SIGN UP MENTEE

Mentoring Guide

Code of Conduct and Top Tips to get the most out of your mentoring relationship.

Please click here for the guide.

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