Tash Binnie, Founder

Tash is going into her fourth year of Medicine at King’s College London in September and will be intercalating in Primary Care. Tash is an aspiring GP and also has a keen interest in mental health.

Tash set up her Instagram page (@tash_themedic) in April and currently has over 8,000 followers. She also created her YouTube account at a similar time (Tash The Medic). She shares information about how to get into Medicine, life as a Medical Student and Mental Health to increase the awareness of the prevalence of mental health illnesses in the medical profession.

Tash is the founder of REACH: Healthcare Mentoring, a free mentoring service and so far has been able to match over 200 mentor-mentee pairs.

Tash is also the founder of Future Frontline which is a website which shares blog posts written by the future healthcare frontline.

Tash has presented webinars for organisations such as Bite Medicine, been a guest on podcasts such as The Business of Healthcare, spoken at conferences such as The Virtual Health Conference as well as featuring in an article in The Times Magazine.

Christina Cook, Co-Founder of REACH: Physician Associate

Christina is a qualified Physician Associate (PA) working in Trauma and Orthopaedics at Salford Royal hospital. She qualified as a PA in September 2018 at Newcastle university.
Christina is enthusiastic in promoting the PA role as it is a relatively new role in the U.K. and we need more students to join the PA profession!

For all things PA, including medical school interview help workbooks, visit her Instagram @christinaphysicianassociate.

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